Ad types

Affordable and simple-to-create ads, which open new tab of a browser with advertisers landing page. It opens after user’s click on certain area on the website.

We show the overlay banner simultaneously with publisher’s video playback. It can be closed or clicked by user.

One of the most efficient types of video ads: we show it before video and offer clickable button after the ad.

Remarkably efficient video ad format: we show it in several key points of video. We both auto and manually select this points what improves interest of users. Clickable button also available.

Additional video ad type, that can be shown after pause button is clicked. We offer clickable button after this type of ad.

Normally rare type of ad, however we show it right after the informative part video. This method helps to attract attention of audience.

This type of ad can be shown in some place in Android or iOS applications. We accept video or banner types of ads.

At some point on the site publisher can offer interstitial for his users. Desirable page could be shown only after visiting advertiser site.

We use both manual and automatic marking of our publisher’s content by categories, which can be used by advertiser for targeting to their audience.


Our geo-databases are accurate, detailed and up to date. We offer this targeting from countries right up to cities.

Your application is to be disseminated throughout the world? Use this option to select mobile operation system and run a campaign.

It’s great targeting option with many purposes. For example, you can pick out people who are using certain language but located now somewhere abroad.

Your ad campaigns don’t have to run every day of the week or hour in the day. Select hours and days of the week in which you interested to receive traffic.

You can automatically stop your campaign when it reached certain amount of visitors or when it spend pre-set amount of money.

By placing special code on target pages you can mark the audience you interested in and return it back to your site when you want it.

By using the action-code you can track down actions of visitors that you bought. It’s useful tool for optimizing your advertising campaigns.

There are list of options for automatic or manual optimization of your campaigns including black and white lists, postback url etc.